Saturday, July 30, 2016

Best virtual tour software provider

I just finished my monthly software evaluation for the consulting company where I am working in and I have to say that I am really astonished with the quality of those software solutions, I am also astonished with how good can some people make the software those days.

I remember that almost 10 years ago, when I have started working in the software consulting and evaluation department at the current company, I had to use some outrageous pieces of software, solutions that although were good ideas, the implementation was not polished at all, even if at algorithm levels the job was marvelously done.

Also, the look and fell of those software solutions was not modern at all, in fact everything was bad, crippled, everything was in a huge need of user experience, design, and some other important elements.

But in the recent days software has become better, the people that are making software are currently good or better at each individual aspect of it and they understand that any piece of software can and should be used with a lean learning curve, it should be user and interface friendly and so on.

What inspired me the most was... the fact that this virtual tour software came already fully packed with marketing tools, which is simply great and server very well the purpose of this software, which is basically to sell your real estate property.

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