Friday, July 29, 2016

Last summer (of 2015) I was agaiin visiting Bucharest on business reasons, so I was in need of employing a car company, but again, the huge corporate enterprise that are going international were unable to offer me a fit car along with a good driver, that would have needed to be with me for about one week. So I have decided to go for a local company with a luxury car rental in Bucharest.

And to be perfectly honest I don't regret at all the decision made, as the quality of the car, the quality of the drive (even on the pesky roads from Romania) was excellent, the driver was very polite and he was like an actual gentleman.

So the only thing I can complain are in fact the large corporations, that are of course unable to offer this kind of service - and I don't know how can they consider themself market leaders as long as their services are not complete and lack to be desired - companies like Sixt or Enterprise are unable to offer rent a car with driver services even in big cities like Bucharest (that has over 3 million inhabitants) and it is the biggest city of the European Union in the eastern corner of the Europe.

Now... there is another problem with the fact that the majority of people that are offering rent a car with driver, do not travel outside of Bucharest, or wish to return at night, or do not go on the road for a very long amount of time (I mean a week)

But Rentcarwithdriver (the local company that I have used) was perfect in all the ways.

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